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Just Turned Two

Two years ago, a sudden and exciting—yet deeply daunting—opportunity cropped up to set up shop in what is essentially our backyard. We had a couple of weeks to either leap in or flee. And then a month to sort out how to bootstrap this whole crazy endeavor. Mom said, “你黐黐哋啊.” (aka “You cray.”) 😂Thanks to a boost from friends and family that believed in us, we lifted off on March 3, 2018.

We had some inkling of the challenges of running a small brick and mortar—in NYC no less amidst corporate behemoths—but no one can truly prepare you for the journey until you’re nose deep. At least, for us, it always smells like fresh brewed coffee—ah coffee😚☕️

What keeps us keeping on? We feel incredibly lucky that we get to share in the legacy of this culturally eclectic neighborhood we’ve called home for most of our lives. And we have the opportunity to represent the next generation that continues to honor and grow those traditions. Our humble home has grown to welcome beloved locals and guests far and wide. And by supporting us, our patrons also support our favorite local vendors. It’s a beautiful ecosystem.

The daily grind would not be possible without the support and hard work of the cast, crew, friends and family at The Granddaddy—many of whom you see here in a rare family photo—others just behind the curtain. Thank you all🙏! And thank you to our incredible community for these past two years—for supporting our local cafe and keeping the good vibes alive! 🥂To many, many more!🍻☕️☕️


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