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eGift Cards Available! Help Support Our Staff

The Granddaddy had just celebrated our two year anniversary with our family of baristas and collaborators, when we, along with our local and global community of small business owners, were blindsided by the COVID-19 crisis. We tried to navigate the unknowable moment-to-moment, as the rapidly changing tides of necessary protocols were implemented by NYC in an effort to contain the pandemic.⁠

As a small independent business, the challenge for us of weathering an unimaginable storm—such as this one—is well beyond that of the corporate world and their safety nets. Choosing between the well-being of our staff and community, and their livelihood, led to the most difficult and heartbreaking decisions that will likely have lasting effects. We hope through all this, we will remain resilient, and be able to bring our family back together.

Please consider purchasing an eGift Card now to redeem later at the following link: It would help us support our staff and stay afloat until we eventually return to our regular service. At which point, there will be a cup of your favorite kind of happy waiting for you. 💕☕️

The Granddaddy family is incredibly grateful for your support during this challenging moment for the service industry. We miss you all and are looking forward to seeing you again when we reopen. Until then, we wish you, your family and friends well—in good health and spirits.


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